Top 5 Songs For April 2014

5. Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes – Together

Chill or what? With a generous helping of Disclosure ❤

4. NeoGeo – Lips

I had no idea Neo had made a progressive house style track! I would’ve been alllll over it!

…Not that I wasn’t when I heard it 😉

3. Neo Geo – Main

That’s right, Neo Geo has taken 2 spots for this months Top 5 – he is an incredible artist who deserves so much more recognition, spending months at a time on his tracks. Ya’ll can really feel the passion in his latest Future Garage track ‘Main’. And let me just say, it’s considerably more challenging and time consuming to complete and flesh out a track of this length!


2. Glimpse & Katrine Stenbekk – Glacier

Glimpse has done an amazing job on this track and has rightly earned a place in my Top 5 again this month! Future garage go!


As for the top music track of April 2014…

1. Sigma – Nobody To Love (Sigma’s Future Jungle Mix)

It’s not often a drum and bass track makes its way to number one on the charts, here in the UK. Listen and you’ll surely see why this one did…

A splendidly powerful track.

That’s all for now folks! These were my Top 5 Songs for April 2014! Look forward to next month’s roundup!


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Top 5 Songs for March 2014

So I decided I could start doing monthly posts and the end of each month, sharing the top 5 songs I really enjoyed from that month, even if to just to share the love for these amazing artists.

Just a heads up, the date of release will be irrelevant in these posts, it’ll just be what I enjoyed listening to for each dated month 🙂

Today’s post is a few days late because I forgot what it was I wanted to post, haha…

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the 1st of my Top 5 Songs for March 2014:

5. //Fractures – Twisted

“And I’m twisted, I’m pushing you away, And I’m lonely, And I’m listless, I’m keeping you at bay, And I’m lonely.” Mmm… the vocals, the track, the beat, just so funky that it makes you fall in love!

4. Camden Cox – Kinda Like

Oh man, this track is a simply delicious chillout beat. One of my favourites this month for sure!

3. Foxes – Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke Remix)

Wow, just wow this groovy remix takes me back to my childhood, driving in the car in the hot weather… a great summer anthem for sure!

2. TOURIST – I Can’t Keep Up

That intro… I knew I’d like this track straight away, like when I listened to Alex Clare – Too Close before it came popular #hipster…


Ahem, anyway this is a really nice song from TOURIST & the vocalist, Will Heard, did a fantastic job on this energetic and vibey piece and I hope you enjoy it as much as  I have.


Aaand for the top music track of March 2014…

1. Glimpse – Under The Sun

This simply astounding track from Glimpse has given me goosebumps time and time again. I fell instantly in love with these moving melodies . Take a listen-


And so that concludes my Top 5 Songs for March 2014! I can’t wait to hear more awesome music in April.  Look forward to next month’s roundup!