Haijku #4 – Sometimes we, mean

Dafuq, just noticed that I’ve somehow missed 4 Haijku… I’ll try not to miss anymore >.<

(Decided to rename Haijkut to Haijku)

Here’s today’s Haijku:-

Sometimes we say,

Things that we,

Don’t really mean

Tokidoki, watashitachi wa iu

Monogoto to iu wareware

Hontōni imi suru monode wa arimasen





Today’s interpretation: Be careful of your actions and think before you speak!


Haijkut #1 – Someday, games

I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time – daily 3 line ‘poems’ about stuff with a deep/hidden meaning that I think I’ll just call ‘Haijkut’ since it’s inspired by haiku’ and it just sounds cool right?

Also, the way this works is you interpret your own meaning from this and read with pauses between each line ^^

So here goes:

Someday I’ll
play all
the games

Also, Japanese!


Itsuka watashi

ga yo Subete

o saisei Gēmu

P.S. if there is an actual name for this let me know! (Haijkut is also pronounced ‘hy – kew’ :P)