How to fall asleep quickly in 4 steps

Hello! While using the method I’m about to write here trying to take a quick nap today, I had the idea of sharing how I get to the sleep state whenever I want to fall asleep quickly.

Here’s a list of ‘states’ that I reference in the following steps:
Awake – Your brain is at 100% activity  
Rest – Your reactions may be dulled. Half-sleep state.
Snooze – It could be said that you’re asleep, though you’re still aware of your surroundings. Typical scenario is when you’ve woken up but have yet to open your eyes.
Sleep – Someone could put whip cream on your nose and you wouldn’t even notice. Scary thought, huh? It’s not? Oh.

So, without further ado, I’ll get into it shall I?


There’s no point even beginning to try the next steps I’m going to write if you’re going to be twisting and turning every minute. This is because moving about means you’re using your muscles – they’re not being allowed rest, and therefore your body is practically in the ‘awake’ state.


On some occasions, you may go to bed thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow, next week or even that event you have planned in the distant future. Whatever it is, sometimes it won’t leave you alone. You’ll keep worrying about the what ifs, then you’ll get agitated, move about in a fit of rage…and now you’re back to step one.

That might have been a bit exaggerated, but you get the point (I hope). So, what I like to do is imagine a colour in my mind. Close your eyes and think of nothing but that colour. Not the name of it or anything relating to it, just picture the colour in your mind like a blank canvas – the colour black is a good colour to use, especially if the room is dark. If you start thinking about words, then imagine yourself listening to a soft white noise or a low hum.

Here’s a good reference:

You’re likely to find it soothing and should now be in the ‘rest’ state.


Focus on sleeping and nothing else. If you sidetrack your thoughts and start thinking again, you can recover by mentally wiping the thought from your head, but take care to recover quickly! If the tangent grows too big, you could get stressed by the outcome of your thoughts or even just because you got distracted – in this case, stay calm and simply try again. This step will lead you into the ‘snooze’ state.


By this step, you will have already fallen into the ‘sleep’ state and should be merrily on your way to having sweet dreams! Whether you remember them or not in the morning is another story, however!

I hope this helped you to get to sleep more quickly or peacefully and if it did, then let me know or leave a comment!

Have a good nap 🙂


Welcome to my blog.

Hello there!

This is a blog for me to vent my thoughts and perhaps share a few tips on aspects of media I’m at least somewhat knowledgeable of.


About Me:

I’m just a 17 year old game designer who loves media, produces music and designs stuff sometimes. Currently living in the UK, England where the sayings about our weather is true – it sometimes gets hot in autumn/winter but snows in spring… it’s pretty wacky at times.

Programming background:

I have 6 months of experience with Lua programming in which I used Corona SDK to make this lil’ thing. But due to platform limitations I’ve decided to switch to Construct 2 which is another powerful 2D game engine which runs on HTML5. Despite this, it requires no coding and works using it’s own event system.

Music background:

It’ll be nearly a year or two since I first dabbled in FL Studio.  I like to think that I’ve come quite far and learned a great deal of new things during this time. With my newfound love of ambient, chillout tunes I’m focusing on creating my own while developing a unique style I can be proud of.

And the design background:

Adobe Photoshop has been my primary design studio for the past 5-6 years or so… it seems like it was much shorter than that but my previous love was with Adobe Fireworks CS4. For some reason I just didn’t understand how to work Photoshop and Fireworks seemed more straight-forward with it’s tools. But with time and internet popularity, I stuck at it and learned of the beauty that is the Pen tool!

With my current game in progress, I’ve noticed however that Photoshop might just not cut this time around for the style of sprites I want to create. Hopefully Adobe Illustrator can help me there. (It feels like Photoshop all over again…)


Anywho, I’m in the process of setting up an organisation for others interested in media and it’s focus is on music, programming and design with an emphasis on community and openness. You can find the site & forums here:



Making music with: FL Studio 10

Creating games with: Construct 2

Designing with: Adobe Photoshop CS5


Wana get in touch?