DevBlog – Loading Bars #1, Incremental games

Sooo, I’m more or less finished with a game which I didn’t want to spend extra time blogging about, just have to add audio and it’ll be complete & ready for upload.

Anywho, I’ve been “playing” quite a bit of Cookie Clicker recently (now at 100,602,198,077,515 Cookies per second ;_;) and have been wanting to make my own lately and so I’m starting work on a incremental game.

This one’s theme will be loading bars since it seemed like a wacky thing to try and for some reason that was what I wanted it to be based on as soon as I thought about making it. At the moment I’m drafting ideas and drawing designing the UI to figure out where I want things, how the game should look and to see what stats I can fit in there.

I think I can let you see my draft 🙂 :

100 achievements
User interaction
Progress - 1:1 ratio of each percentage loaded.
Bars - Shows how many loads left till update is available.
Update - increases bar rank+loading speed.
Rank(each) = %speed increase
Prestige system:
Medals of Progress
All progress bars @rank 200 = prestige.
Level bar = increase size + player rank
Idle rewards:
Flashing bars - flash for 10 seconds, click to double load speed for 60 seconds
Easter Eggs:

I’ll be wanting this to have input from incremental players so I can craft it into something people will enjoy – even if the game doesn’t actually require input!


MonsterFest DevBlog #2 – I need an illustrator ;_;


Day 17

So I just gave animation another go to see if I could get something I liked, started prototyping ideas in Photoshop and finally came up with a, simple, goblin.

Then came the animation part.

After 2 hours or so of trying to figure out the timeline and layer setup, rotating layers that were rotating in other frames and really, really weird issues with tweening, I’m feeling just a little tired out.

So, if you are or know someone who is looking to create or add to their portfolio, please do let me know. Your/their work will be commercialized and heavily credited.

There may even be profits for them in the future.

I’ll just leave this here:

“rawr. im gonna club ya!”

MonsterFest – DevBlog #1

Day 14

Hello there!

I saw another devblog somewhere and thought it seemed like a cool idea so I decided to make my own!

So I’ve been developing a monster-themed shoot-em-up with RPG elements for around 2 weeks now and I’ve gotten pretty far.

The main gameplay is done and now I’m just adding the RPG elements, making sure the HUD and everything works and working on menus in between.

It’s amazing what I have done within 2 weeks compared to my first app which took around 4 months using Lua in another 2D mobile SDK I was learning. (there were some minor setbacks).

Anyway, some screenies!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far(Thanks again to everyone who answered any questions I had!):

MonsterFest early development screenshot

“Dem grey orcs”

So as you can see, I’ve got my ugly grey orc placeholders spawning from each side and all my variables are running fine.

Each orc has it’s own HP bar which decreases in width when hit by the character(who currently has a pistol).

With intentions to have multiple characters available, I’m developing with that in mind and used an array for my character sheet to hold each of their values e.g. xp, mana, hp, power which can be upgraded with stat points(speaking of which, I completely forgot to add those to my array…), gained by leveling up or through other modes which will come along later.

The game is inspired by the 3D Tower Defense/RTS games, Dungeon Defenders and Orcs Must Die! 2 but will have more emphasis on character, weapons and the monsters themselves. I may even add a story.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that game development is indeed a lengthy and can be costly process but in the end, I can tell, it’s certainly worth it.