DevBlog – Loading Bars #2, MUCH MATHS

My god, this is much more fun than I thought it’d be… The amount of maths an incremental game requires is even more incredible than previous thinking. But even with all the maths, it’s slightly thrilling how relatively easy the methods are for my desired calculations (once I figure them out) 

It’s also coming along very nicely. Basic mechanics are set and with any luck it should be complete and ready for release within the next few days!

It’s true what they say.

“It’s not the destination, but the journey” (“Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”)


DevBlog – Loading Bars #1, Incremental games

Sooo, I’m more or less finished with a game which I didn’t want to spend extra time blogging about, just have to add audio and it’ll be complete & ready for upload.

Anywho, I’ve been “playing” quite a bit of Cookie Clicker recently (now at 100,602,198,077,515 Cookies per second ;_;) and have been wanting to make my own lately and so I’m starting work on a incremental game.

This one’s theme will be loading bars since it seemed like a wacky thing to try and for some reason that was what I wanted it to be based on as soon as I thought about making it. At the moment I’m drafting ideas and drawing designing the UI to figure out where I want things, how the game should look and to see what stats I can fit in there.

I think I can let you see my draft 🙂 :

100 achievements
User interaction
Progress - 1:1 ratio of each percentage loaded.
Bars - Shows how many loads left till update is available.
Update - increases bar rank+loading speed.
Rank(each) = %speed increase
Prestige system:
Medals of Progress
All progress bars @rank 200 = prestige.
Level bar = increase size + player rank
Idle rewards:
Flashing bars - flash for 10 seconds, click to double load speed for 60 seconds
Easter Eggs:

I’ll be wanting this to have input from incremental players so I can craft it into something people will enjoy – even if the game doesn’t actually require input!